IT Asset Management (ITAM) –Purchase Request through Receiving solution is comprised of both new objects (e.g. Inventory) as well as modified SIAM objects. Using the IT Purchasing solution, end-users can request IT goods thru the portal by selecting from a Product Catalog that is tied to the back-end Supplier Catalog Items. IT Managers can make decisions about the procurement of the good, either from stock or by issuing a Purchase Request. The solution provides for the integration with CAM (optional) to complete the loop from requesting thru receiving. CSM provides this solution as a mergeable application (mApp), which utilizes multiple Service Management processes, including:

•Product Catalog (modified)
•Supplier Catalog Item (modified)•Inventory (new)
•Purchase Request (new)
•Service Request (new specific form and automation)
•Configuration Items
•Underpinning Contracts
System Requirements
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    • Comments: Can you confirm this will not work on newer than 9.4? We are on 9.5.1 and it end up with: InnerException: Trebuchet.TrebuchetDbException: Error while attempting to execute instruction: CreateField ---> Trebuchet.TrebuchetDbException: Problem adding field PRRecID to table ConfigurationItem ---> Trebuchet.TrebuchetSqlDbException: Error while performing query. See server logs for details. CorrelationID 944f70abcb0a3e75eb2194459eb6a5a8ff5232299d.