The ComAround Knowledge™ Integration mApp provides a seamless integration between Cherwell Service Management® and ComAround Knowledge™ through built-in interfaces which makes knowledge content available via the interaction points you already have within your support operations. The knowledge is available in the right place and at the right time. Both the service desk and end users can resolve issues with the pre-populated ComAround Knowledge™ solution, via CSM.

Integrating ComAround Knowledge™, within Cherwell Service Management® ensures that end users have a much higher probability of resolving incidents themselves. The customers get the service they need, and self-service adds value to the business by driving down the cost of IT support.

The ComAround Knowledge™ Integration mApp 2.0 has been developed on CSM version 8.2.1 and it consists of several functions and objects to integrate Cherwell Service Management® with ComAround Knowledge™.
News in Comaround Knowledge Integration v2.0:
Portal dashboard search (w logging), full browser client support, navigate full search-result, journal log, resolve with article and more...
System Requirements