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Create & Upload a mApp

  1. Gather Ideas - Let's begin by creating/logging into an account in the Community Forums. Immerse yourself in some of the topics, exchange ideas, and discuss how to improve upon existing mApp Solutions. When you're ready, return to this page.
  2. Create - The next step is to create your mApp. If you haven't created a mApp before, we have a very handy guide to help you out. Test your mApp in your development environment and run a Scan prior to exporting it for distribution.
  3. Exporting - After you have your mApp working the way you want it, choose to "Prepare mApp for distribution." A window will open that will allow you to save a mApp Blueprint file (.mAppBP) that you can use and edit at a later time. You can also save off a .mApp file to distribute to others.
  4. Share - When you are done exporting your mApp, come back here, login or create an account and share your mApp with the rest of the world!

Download & Install a mApp

  1. Discovery - Looking for a mApp that suits your business needs? Start by creating an account with us! From there you can browse all the available mApp Solutions produced by other members of the community.
  2. Download - When you find something that interests you, simply click the download button and save the file somewhere you can easily access it.
  3. Backing Up - Now that you've found something that will meet your business needs, it's time to merge! You'll begin by creating a backup of your database. Cherwell offers a way to do this from the Administrator side or you are welcome to backup your database however you prefer.
  4. Installing - Once your backup is complete you will now merge your new mApp into your environment*. Open up Cherwell Administrator and choose "mApps" on the right hand side. Click "Apply a mApp", navigate to and open your saved .mApp file, then just follow the instructions in the mApp Wizard.

*As with any business software solution, it is recommended that organizations perform a system backup and appropriately test new mApps in a development/test environment before using them in a production environment. See the Cherwell mApp Exchange Terms of Use for more details.

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