Cherwell's ITSM self-service portal provides your users a simple way to request AWS resources while giving IT operations a single source to manage your AWS-hosted applications and services. This practice eliminates the need for multiple portals and access points and reduces ITSM complexity.

The AWS Cloud Management mApp provides functionality that allows you to choose an AWS Service/Template from the Service Catalog so you can review, edit, submit, and track the status of the request. Technicians can identify and interact with a customer's AWS Service/Template Service Request to manage the request effectively. CSM integrates with AWS so that you can automatically create and manage the lifecycle of an AWS Service/Template CI once it has been provisioned, so you can add it to the CMDB and the appropriate Service Request. Technicians receive "real-time" AWS CloudFormation events or notices that generate an Incident, so that you can manage the Incident throughout its lifecycle.


This is a Cherwell Labs mApp Solution intended to showcase experimental or beta-level content features in Cherwell Service Management. Functionality, testing, and documentation are limited or incomplete. Cherwell support is not provided for this mApp Solution, so install it at your own risk on a test environment before installing it on a production system.

Terms and Conditions

System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: Tested on 9.40, 9.51, and 9.52

Content Version Requirements: Tested on 9.2.x, 9.3.x, 9.4.x and 9.5.x. May work on lower content version depending on customer configurations - always apply to a test system to review and validate compatibility

Prerequisites: AWS Quick Start deployment: https://aws.amazon.com/quickstart/architecture/cherwell-service-management-connector/



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