This mApp allows you to search for Incidents that have broken team assignments via a new Related clause / Relationship labelled 'Broken Team Assignments'.

If there is "At least one" Related Broken Team Assignments record, than the incident shown has an Owner that IS NOT a member of the assigned team.

This is important as there is no operator and therefore no way to search within Cherwell for instances where the owner is not a member of the team, which is problematic in situations where auto-population of the owned by team on re-classification corrupts the team assignment, resulting in invalid values if the validation filter criteria for the Owned By field has been removed from validating user is member of team.

This mApp relies on a new External, Imported business object that you must create a scheduled import for.

A database server object is used to create a SQL view for the external business object, and the external business object 'V_Broken Team Assignments' must be configured by you with a scheduled import that clears and re-imports data into the table.


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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: Any

Content Version Requirements: Any

Prerequisites: Need ability to publish Database Server Objects - If you're SaaS, you'll need to coordinate with SaaS team for installing this mApp.



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