In today’s digital world, employees expect HR to deliver real-time, on-demand services—but that’s easier said than done. With HR Service Management (HRSM), it’s never been easier for you to elevate the everyday experiences of cross-departmental teams in ways that bring positive change to the whole enterprise.

Cherwell HR Service Management (HRSM) capabilities are fully integrated with Cherwell’s no-code automation platform and our IT Service Management solution—so you can use the tools already in place to help your company’s HR team make the move to advanced service delivery.

*Cherwell HRSM is available as part of CSMe.


Email: support@cherwell.com
Support Phone Numbers:
North American Support: +1.888.826.2288
Europe, Middle East & Africa Support: +44 (0)1793 544899
Asia & Pacific Support: +61 2 8766 0680

System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: Built on 10.0x

Content Version Requirements: Tested on 10.0x. For Content versions earlier than those listed, please review the documentation and carefully test against a copy of the current installation to determine fit for your environment. Additional manual work may be required based on current system configurations.

Prerequisites: If you have 10.0.0-10.0.2 Content, there is an incorrect German translation in OOTB Content for Location ID in both the Default and Portal Views for Customer - Internal. This will return a scan error when attempting to apply the HRSM mApp. To fix this prior to publishing, at the end of the mApp application wizard select the option to Open a blueprint to review changes. Switch to German > select "Kunde - Intern" > select "Business Objekt bearbeiten..." > Locate the field "Positions-ID" Text field-size 20 and double-click to edit it > Update the "Name" field to "Lage-ID" and click OK to save. Repeat the steps for the Portal View. Publish your blueprint.



HR Service Management










Release Notes:


The Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant is now available

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