The goal of support is to resolve requests as quickly as possible. To achieve this we need be able to measure what success looks like, monitor our performance and progress, whilst at the same time, manage and influence the work-in progress backlog.

Well here at Service Quality we've made this entire process easy, seamless, efficient and cost effective. And it can be yours by purchasing the Cherwell Service Management SnapShot Trending & Reporting mApp. We've sourced and configured over 180 industry standard service desk metrics designed to capture your service desk's actual performance. And all of this happens as a simple by-product of your daily support activities! Yes, that's right, no manual effort or overhead, no data extracts, spread sheets and pivot tables, no additional reporting tools, no extra licenses, databases or extra infrastructure. It is seamlessly integrated into Cherwell and is available at your fingertips anytime and anywhere that you can access Cherwell.

This suite of metrics will show you what's coming in to the service desk, what's going out, and what's currently in your work-in-progress backlog. We'll show you how you're performing against your service level targets and even compare them against pre-selected industry benchmarks. That's not all, you'll also have access to trends for the same time the previous year to see if you're ahead or behind last year's workload. You'll even have access to financial modeling and forecasting data.


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