This mApp is designed to create a unique copy of a dashboard and all of its widgets, with updated references to the new widget copies.

This is important because you cannot currently create a copy of a dashboard with its own unique set of widgets without manually re-building the new dashboard with the new set of widgets, to ensure the references are not made back to the old set of widgets.

With the new DashCAM mApp, this process is automated and takes only minutes, instead of hours.

Warning: Installing this mApp requires an External connection to be configured directly to your Cherwell database (TrebuchetWidgets table) in order to read in the XML contents of the dashboard you?ve selected.

This connection does not make changes to any records in the database, and may be configured using read-only credentials.

Warning: In order to accomplish the changes in this mApp, External business objects have been created that link to the system table TrebuchetWidgets. As we cannot include Security Group permissions in mApps, it is imperative that you restrict access to these business objects immediately after applying the mApp.

After applying this mApp, you should review the new business objects included and restrict view, add, edit and delete access as necessary to prevent non-administrators from accessing any of the included business objects.

You should test this mApp thoroughly on your own Development environment before using it on your Production server.


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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 8.2.1 or higher; see documentation for performance note on versions past V9.2

Prerequisites: .NET 4.6.1 or higher for included Companion Executable



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