This mApp provides a dashboard widget that queries your Cherwell system for Automation Processes that have failed for your recent Incidents.

This widget will display the date/time that the automation process last updated, the Incident ID, and the name and description of the Automation Process that failed.

This can prove invaluable in alerting Cherwell Administrators of problems in their Cherwell system before they incur a high impact, cost, or outage; and provide an easy solution for finding Incidents that have had failed automation - Something Administrators can not currently search for within Cherwell.

This mApp requires a connection to your Cherwell database; You will be prompted to configure this External Connection when you apply the mApp.

This mApp also leverages a Database Server Object to create a SQL view in your Cherwell environment.

If you're on a SaaS environment, both of the two statements above necessitate that you will need to work with the SaaS team in order to get this mApp applied on your system, as you won't have the connection information for the database and will not be able to publish Database Server Object definitions on your own.

This mApp was created on version 9.3.0 - Please let me know if you need it created on an earlier, backwards compatible version. I plan on, at some point, re-building on V8.3.1 and enabling backwards compatibility, but do not have an ETA.


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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.3.0







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