The Purchase Request through Receiving solution is comprised of new objects (e.g., Inventory) and modified SIAM objects. Using this IT Purchasing solution, end-users can request IT goods through the portal by selecting from a Product Catalog that is tied to the back-end Supplier Catalog Items. IT Managers can make decisions about the procurement of the good, either from stock or by issuing a Purchase Request. The solution provides for the integration with CAM (optional) to complete the loop from requesting thru receiving. CSM provides this solution as a mergeable application (mApp), which utilizes multiple service management processes, including:



Terms and Conditions

System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: Tested on 9.6.3 - 10.2.0.

Content Version Requirements: Tested on 9.6.3 - CSM 10.2.0.

Prerequisites: If you have 10.2.0 Content, you’ll need to apply the following workarounds in order to publish the mApp application successfully: -Supplier Links Supplier Catalog Item Relationship - under Links, reselect the ‘Supplier ID’ field from the Default Link dropdown list. You’ll also need to do this on the reverse relationship for Supplier Catalog Item Links Supplier with the Supplier Catalog Item ID. -Underpinning Contract Business Object - the Purchasing - UnderpinningContract form references a SKU Number field that no longer exists in OOTB Content as of 10.2.0. You’ll need to remove the field from the form and save the changes. -Part Business Object - In the field properties for the Supplier ID for Reorder field, under Validation/Auto-populate, expand the Auto-populate section, and under the Populate with radio button for ‘Field from Supplier Catalog Item lookup table’ you’ll need to reselect the Supplier ID field. -SupplierCatalogItem grid is referencing a field that no longer exists in 10.2.0 OOTB Content. If you select ‘Go to Error’ from the Scan Results window, the field will automatically be deleted.



IT Asset Management










Release Notes:

Tested on Cherwell Asset Management (CAM) version 13.0 - 15.0 and CAM API version 2.5

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