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This mApp was designed to simplify and automate the creation of Licensed Cherwell Technician User Accounts, to reduce the administrative effort required to maintain the Cherwell environment by adding new-hires onto the system, as well as improve the efficiency of rolling out the tool to large groups of users.

This mApp can be utilized either directly from a user's Customer profile, or by entering the logon IDs or Display Names of many users at a time onto a new custom object that's been provided in the mApp.

This mApp is meant to be used with Cherwell user accounts that sign in via Active Directory / LDAP, and serves no purpose in relation to internal, Cherwell-authenticated accounts with the 'Cherwell\' domain.

Warning: Using this mApp will make changes directly to your Cherwell database (TrebuchetAuth table) in order to accomplish the creation of the Cherwell User Accounts, and as such, this mApp is provided 'as-is' with no guarantee.

You should test this mApp thoroughly on your own Development environment before using it on your Production server.

In order to accomplish the changes in this mApp, External business objects have been created that link to the system table TrebuchetAuth and TrebuchetSecGroups. As we cannot include Security Group permissions in mApps, it is imperative that you restrict access to these business objects immediately after applying the mApp.


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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.1.0

Prerequisites: On-Prem system or requires co-op with SaaS team to apply



IT Service Management




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