Do you worry that the information in your CMDB is stale and outdated? Hate making endless manual updates? Tired of trying to map out the connections between systems and devices by hand?

Never fear! Resolve is here to do the heavy lifting for you and keep your Cherwell CMDB updated regardless of how many changes happen in your environment everyday.

With just a few clicks, Resolve performs agentless auto-discovery of all physical and virtual entities throughout your hybrid IT environment. It then automatically maps complex interdependencies and identifies which infrastructure is supporting critical business applications.

Even better, Resolve updates the Cherwell CMDB in real time to ensure you always have accurate, up-to-date inventories and dependency maps at your fingertips. And that’s a game changer when it comes to fixing issues quickly, identifying the root cause of performance problems and outages, and ensuring that any changes you are making won’t break anything.

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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: Cherwell Server v9.4.0 or later





Resolve (acquired FixStream)