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This integration allows you to automatically create and open a ticket within Cherwell Service Management whenever an incoming call is received and the phone number is passed to the included Cherwell Screen Pop application.

This differs from the out of the box screen-pop possibilities in Cherwell, as the Cherwell application by default can only open existing records, rather than creating new ones, when passing data via commandline.

Because of this, the best way this functionality is emulated in an out-of-the-box system is by opening a customer record based on a phone number, relying on a user to manually create an incident from that point.

The Cherwell Screen Pop integration automatically creates a new ticket within Cherwell and links the requestor based on the phone number. This is done using both the Cherwell REST API, where applicable, as well as using the Defined API mApp by DefEdit Software LLC.

This integration is bundled with a dependent mApp, the Defined API mApp by DefEdit Software that allows administrators to develop their own customizable REST API methods using onesteps.


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System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.1.1 or higher

Prerequisites: Requires installation of Defined API mApp (included) and .NET 4.6.2



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