The ServiceNext IT assistant is a smart assistant powered by niche NLP and ML libraries built to enable the users with quick resolutions to their IT issues. Using the ServiceNext IT assistant users seeking out for IT support can get an instant or quick resolution. The smart assistant helps users navigate to the right place to self-serviced IT support or help the user directly by providing IT support.

The users just have to come in type in their issues and they can get an instant resolution. The ServiceNext IT assistant is easy to install onto the organization's Cherwell portal. A small JavaScript code snippet is provided after you configure your smart assistant and the smart assistant is good to start-up and run on the Cherwell Portal. The users get to experience a seamless experience of raising IT issues without needing to worry about mapping his issue with the right resolver group. All of it is handled by the Smart assistant.

The ServiceNext IT assistant comes as a chat widget to allow users to interact with Cherwell through chat. The users can directly type in the query without having to go through and identify the right categories for his problem. It allows instant ticket creation through a chat widget on the organization's intranet portal. User types in his query and gets an instant resolution or a ticket is created on behalf of the user with the right issue mapping for his problem.


Email: Vinil@suneratech.com, Avinash.Kedari@suneratech.com, Milind.Guggilla@suneratech.com

System Requirements

Platform Version Requirements: 9.3x

Content Version Requirements: Tested on 9.3x. This assistant may or may not be compatible with Content versions older than 9.3x, but it should be tested on your customized system.

Prerequisites: ServiceNext Account Username, ServiceNext Account Password, ServiceNext API Client ID, ServiceNext API Client Secret.



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