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Formed in 2001, and signing up as a Cherwell partner in 2009, iService Solutions is the longest-standing and most experienced Cherwell partner in Europe. We specialise in working with our customers to expand the capabilities of Cherwell to encompass new processes, modules and integrations.

We have worked with all manner of organisations to provide internal and external-facing support solutions, whilst also upskilling them to be able to manage and evolve their own Cherwell system.

A key to leveraging efficiency gains is to ensure that your service management solution is integrated seamlessly with all your key management systems - we have a wealth of experience in this area, whether you need a simple integration with an asset discovery or network monitoring solution, your telephony system, or more complex API-based integrations with third party solutions, our friendly, knowledgeable team can help.


David Knowles

Managing Director

+44(0)1793 317490



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