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Migration Technologies, Inc. (MiTECH) is an experienced ITSM consulting firm. MiTECH helps our client’s architect, configure, and implement Cherwell's ITSM Platform solutions. We also specialize in delivering the advanced ITSM solutions needed to assist organizations in making sound IT investment strategies through identifying and mapping/aligning business/IT services, costs, and business demand.

MiTECH takes IT Service Management Software Tools (like Cherwell, ServiceNow, BMC, HP) to the next level extending the CMDB capabilities to service strategy, financial modeling and forecasting, Demand & capacity management and service portfolio life cycle solutions that resonate to the executive C-Suite all within 120 days.

Our clients exist in all vertical markets and industries across the U.S. Our unique combination of tools and award winning consulting services are highly valued by our customers. Our MiTECH consultants led LA County’s SMS Project Team in winning itSMF 2014 USA Project of the Year Award. Let us help drive your transformation to effective IT Service Management!

How We Integrate With Cherwell

MiTECH has re-developed the Integrated Business Services Management suite of tools on the Cherwell CSM platform. By taking advantage of the flexibility of CSM, IBSM is better able to integrate to other systems of various types. This allows for the federation of data in IBSM and the delivery of that federated data to a Cherwell CSM instance through direct integration between IBSM's CSM and a client's CSM.

This integration is via a web-service configuration that is a integral part of CSM's ability to communicate with other systems. It also enables customers, if desired, to contract with MiTECH to provide the IBSM functionality on their own hardware in their CSM instance directly.

How MiTECH's IBSM Apps Extend Cherwell CSM Maturity to ESM

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How MiTECH's IBSM Apps Extend Cherwell CSM Maturity to ESM


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