Resolve helps IT teams achieve agile, autonomous operations with an industry-leading, enterprise automation and AIOps platform. By combining insights from artificial intelligence with powerful, cross-domain automation, Resolve handles a wide array of IT operations – from performing dependency mapping, advanced event correlation, and predictive analytics to intelligently automating actions based on those findings. Purpose-built to handle increasing IT complexity, Resolve enables organizations to maximize operational efficiency, reduce costs, quickly troubleshoot and fix problems, achieve unprecedented performance, and accelerate service delivery.

How We Integrate With Cherwell

Resolve and Cherwell have partnered to provide a complete solution for managing the increasing complexity of today’s IT environments. Resolve seamlessly integrates with Cherwell products to maximize your ITSM investment, streamline IT operations, and accelerate service delivery. Key integration features for the full AIOps solution include:

  • Agentless Auto-Discovery: Quickly discover all of the compute, network, and storage entities across your dynamic, hybrid IT environment without deploying any agents.
  • Dynamic Dependency Mapping: Track dynamic, multi-layer relationships between applications and hybrid infrastructure, and create rich, visual topology maps to facilitate operations.
  • Auto-Update Your Cherwell CMDB: Ensure your CMDB is always up-to-date and accurate with bi-directional connectors that push discovery and dependency data in near-real-time to Cherwell.

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