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InfoADV, Cherwell Software Partner


Via Comasina, 137, 20161 Milano, Italy

02 515333

InfoAdv was created in year 2,000 by Giovanni Fracasso and Luca Dileo who decided to set up a consultancy company, specialized in providing Help Desk, Customer Care and today also Service Management Solutions, fields in which both DiLeo and Fracasso have over twenty years of experience.

Thanks to the remarkable professionalism of both owners, InfoAdv has gained over the years the respect and trust of many of Customers: Industries, Banks, Insurances, Pharmaceutical, Public Transportation, Education, Financial Services, etc.

InfoAdv for a decade has associated its name to a well-known company for product-level mainframe and distributed computing. Then, in year 2,006 InfoAdv has decided to honor its principles of professionalism and to grant customer satisfaction – which is always put first in the list of InfoADV values – and The Dynamics of Change began.

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