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Nos Sistemas

NOS Sistemas

Rua Ator António Silva n.º 9, Campo Grande, 1600-404, Lisboa, Portugal

+351 210 114 500

Who are we
NOS SISTEMAS is a company belonging to NOS Group, the largest group of communications, information technologies and entertainment in Portugal. NOS SISTEMAS is the company who works the IT Corporate area, with a background and know-how of more than 12 years of experience.

Our Strategy
NOS SISTEMAS supports its customers in making a more efficient use of their technologic infrastructures. With a complete offering of ITSM Services, Managed Services, Cloud Solutions, Business Continuity and Security Services, supported by redundant Data Centers, NOS SISTEMAS ensures maximum availability of applications, systems and networks that support customers’ critical business processes. Through consulting services in processes and IT tools, NOS SISTEMAS is the right partner to fit the applications, systems, networks and technological processes to the needs of customers dynamic business. These IT services are always aligned with efficiency goals and market best practices, namely with ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 e ISO 22301.

What we do
NOS SISTEMAS has several areas of expertise, in order to be a unique partner to respond properly to the customers’ needs. NOS SISTEMAS has developed a specific line of services involving the integration of various IT tools in order to help the client gain a unified view of their IT infrastructure, to optimize the managing processes of IT services and to improve the perspective over the business and return on investment, while reducing costs and increasing the satisfaction of its employees and customers.

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