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The NRB Group

NRB Group

Parc Industriel des Hauts Sarts - 2e avenue 65 | 4040 Herstal

+32 (0)4 249 72 11

In January 2017, Trasys merged with the NRB Group. It now works under the name NRB.

With total revenues of €320 million and more than 2,000 employees, the NRB Group is among the top 3 of the ICT sector in Belgium.

The NRB Group is a 100% Belgian group, both in terms of its roots and shareholders, as in terms of the location of its infrastructure and activities. The NRB Group is the ideal partner for any organisation looking for a reliable and autonomous local actor nearby, able to respond in a swift and agile way to its particular needs.

NRB helps its customers fully use the assets ICT technology can offer them to optimise their processes, to innovate and to allow their business to grow and change in order to better align with the new digital reality. In this context, it offers a full range of solutions and services based upon four axes:

  • Consultancy
  • Software
  • Infrastructure & cloud services
  • Managed staffing

Since 2010, the growth strategy of NRB has notably involved targeted acquisitions that aim to build a solid Belgian actor in the field of ICT solutions, capable of dealing with the main business sectors of the country. NRB is the parent company of the group. It holds 51% of the shares in the Adinfo holding company, which owns 100% of Cevi, Logins and Civadis. NRB also owns 55% of the shares in Xperthis, 75% of Afelio and 100% of Trasys.

It has a team of specialists in custom development for mainframe environments (IBM and BULL) that is among the largest in Belgium. Moreover, NRB and Trasys offer configuration and implementation of software solutions from major vendors (SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Software AG, etc.) to support the key activities of public and corporate organisations, in domains such as Communication & Collaboration, Business Applications (HR, Planning, Finance, Sales, etc.), Enterprise Mobility and Advanced Analytics.

The other entities mainly focus on specific vertical sectors, while relying on the scale and the ICT infrastructure of NRB. NRB is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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