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The combination of Cherwell Service Management™ software and FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping enables Cherwell customers to take advantage of IT service dependency mapping from within Cherwell Service Management. With service dependency mapping, your IT team can be more proactive and strategic by staying ahead of potential issues, planning more effectively for change, and optimizing the delivery of services the business relies on—without adding to anyone’s workload. 

The Cherwell and FireScope partnership enables the combined technologies to automatically populate and update the Cherwell Service Management configuration management database (CMDB) as services are deployed, updated or retired—providing a consistent and highly accurate model of critical IT services, including:

  • Better visibility across IT infrastructure, reducing the time between identification and resolution of service-impacting incidents.
  • Accurate and relevant system-generated information, enabling more effective first time resolution when compared to often vague, user-reported issues such as "Email isn't working."
  • Automated discovery, mapping, and configuration of best practice monitoring, enabling rapid implementation, while reducing the workload typically required to achieve effective service visibility.
  • Improved communications across IT teams and fewer day-to-day workflow disruptions due to single-pane-of-glass visibility and reduced reliance on multiple systems and interfaces.
  • SaaS model that enables rapid time-to-value and minimal overhead when compared to traditional software models.

How it Works: Cherwell Service Management
and FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping