Cherwell and FireScope have developed deep integrations to offer customers an enterprise platform that integrates IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) capabilities—ensuring every member of IT has accurate visibility into IT service architectures, performance, and security.

FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping

By integrating FireScope's discovery and dependency mapping capabilities with Cherwell Service Management, you'll enjoy the fastest possible path to modeling application and service dependencies.

  • Automatically populate the Cherwell CMDB with accurate IT service topology maps, complete with detailed application, network, virtualization, and storage dependencies.
  • Achieve better visibility across IT infrastructure, reducing the time between identification and resolution of service-impacting incidents.
  • Improve communications across IT teams with single-pane-of-glass visibility and reduced reliance on multiple systems and interfaces.
  • Enjoy a SaaS model that enables rapid time-to-value and minimal overhead when compared to traditional software models.
FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping

FireScope Stratis

With FireScope Stratis, enterprise IT service monitoring has never been easier. When FireScope Stratis is integrated with Cherwell Service Management, you can: 

  • Automatically generate incidentsfully populated with relevant metrics and configuration detailswhen service-impacting events are identified.
  • Identify, isolate, and resolve issues faster and more effectively.
  • Advanced predictive and IT operations analytics.
  • Obtain a single view of infrastructure and end user performance.
  • Implement in a fraction of the time associated with legacy monitoring suites.
FireScope Stratis

Business Value

Risk Avoidance – 86% of service interruptions are caused by misconfiguration, with each outage costing on average $740,357. Accurate service dependency maps in your Cherwell CMDB, populated by FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping, can significantly reduce these unplanned outages.

Improved Project Outcomes – A lack of accurate knowledge about service dependencies threatens cloud migrations, data center migrations, and other technology initiatives; that’s why 63% of CIOs and IT leads struggle to execute upon their visions for digital transformation. The combination of FireScope and Cherwell Service Management provide the knowledge needed to ensure project success.

IT Resource Reclamation – Between 15 and 30 percent of virtual machines (VMs) across the typical enterprise are unused, consuming valuable disk space, power, maintenance overhead, and budget. With FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping, organizations can quickly identify VMs that aren’t being utilized and are candidates for reclamation.

Improved Security and Compliance – How can you secure what you don’t know you have? With FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping, organizations gain accurate knowledge of their data center infrastructure, service entry points, and potential threat vectors.

Tool Consolidation – The typical enterprise has well over a dozen monitoring tools, many of which either lack integration or aren't truly fit for purpose. With the combination of FireScope Stratis and Cherwell Service Management, organizations can centralize monitoring into a single platform and reduce maintenance and support costs associated with dozens of tools.

Cost Savings – All FireScope solutions share a common code base, resulting in lower costs for training, maintenance and support, API integrations, and vendor relationship management.

How it Works: Cherwell Service Management
and FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping