Cherwell CORE

Omni-Channel Engagement

More Channels Means More Choices

Cherwell Service Management simplifies and accelerates ITSM and ESM workflows, enhancing the employee experience with the widest possible set of choices for requesting a service, reporting a problem, or checking status of an incident that is underway.

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Multiple Experience Options

Employees can call or visit a service desk, access the portal via laptop or mobile device, send an email, tell the optional Cherwell Virtual Agent (CVA) what’s happening, or open an incident in Slack.

Natural language access via CVA enables self-service by directing employees to knowledge base entries matched to their concerns—meaning that now they can not only access CSM in the way that works best for them, they can resolve their own incidents immediately rather than waiting for an admin to respond.

Technicians have all of those channels plus the extended capabilities of the CSM desktop application and the ability to create a dedicated channel within Slack for any incident.

Additionally, Related Item Navigation, leveraging advanced machine learning and AI technology, directs technicians to related records, attachments, emails, chats, and other information to accelerate incident resolution.

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Elevate Employee Experiences

A wide selection of channels to choose from

Service Desk

Call into the support desk or visit in person with full walk-up service desk capability.

Web Portal

Access CSM using a browser on your laptop or mobile device, with a seamless experience on either.


Open a ticket to report a problem or request a service by sending an email to the CSM system.


Access the Cherwell Virtual Agent to launch an incident using natural language. Download CVA Datasheet


Create a dedicated channel to resolve an incident.

Slack App

Launch and incident, check incident status or resolve an incident from within Slack using Slack chat.

Desktop App

Log and manage incidents, report on status and results and update / modify workflows as needed.

Ivanti Acquires Cherwell to Deliver Personalized Employee Experiences in the Everywhere Workplace