Cherwell CORE

Integration Services

RESTful API and Web Services

Cherwell provides a comprehensive set of RESTful API commands for extending capabilities and integrations.

Accessing APIs enables critical integration operations such as requesting a new virtual machine (VM) from VMware, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or a hybrid provider such as Cisco.

It also enables automating cloud provisioning solutions that require integration with other essential elements through industry-standard web services; in particular, via a RESTful operation. The same Cherwell workflow actions that perform a RESTful operation can also run a PowerShell or other script.

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Automation Simplifies Integration

Cherwell CORE’s automation engine simplifies the process of integrating external systems in a way that fits well with your requirements and environment. A RESTful API can trigger a Cherwell One-Step, an automated workflow specified using Cherwell CORE’s no-code development tools.

For example, you might use an API to notify your Cherwell system of all security events logged in a separate system. You can set thresholds for how to respond to these notifications and define the appropriate actions based on incident information provided through the API. Depending on the type or severity of incident, CSM may generate a new incident for immediate attention or may just log the event for future reference.

Likewise, you can define a One-Step that calls a web service to bring in information from other systems as needed. For example, you might call a web service to update status on configuration items from a CMDB system when carrying out an asset management workflow.

In either case, you can embed all the decision-making logic associated with the workflow in the One-Step automation. This helps you to ensure that information received from other systems (whether proactively by an API or by request via a web service) is aligned with the defined processes and policies of your business. Using Action Blocks, you can combine these automated tasks into a reusable block to streamline future integrations. Best of all, working within Cherwell CORE, you create all the needed logic using Cherwell’s no code tools – rather than having to code a complex API or web service call.

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