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At its core, Cherwell Service Management is a platform for automating workflows. This includes complete processes such as ITIL® incident, problem, and change which you can visually configure or modify, like tailoring the normal change process and tasks for different CI types. It also includes automating common or repetitive actions, such as creating a change request from a problem, escalating an incident from level 1 to level 2, obtaining approvals, or resetting a password. You can even automate your own customer-created application workflows and their supporting actions.

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Cherwell One-Step™ Actions

Automate simple and complex workflows, common actions, and routine tasks to increase operational efficiency. With Cherwell One-Steps, you can automate processes without relying on costly development resources, so your team can deliver services more quickly and cost effectively. Out-of-the-box automations such as creating problems or new catalog items, canceling service orders, and launching SLA breech warnings make it easy to get started, and One-Steps can be run manually or executed automatically against individual records or groups of records.

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Standard Task Automation

Cherwell One-Steps can initiate one or more defined actions to automate common or repetitive tasks. Not only does automating standard work complete those actions faster and avoid potential errors, it frees up resources and staff time to focus more on value-added work. Cherwell One-Steps can automate setting status on records, sending emails, invoking tasks, setting priorities, and closing requests. Plus, creating new custom actions is quick and easy with the graphical One-Step editor.

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New Workflow Processes or Services

Cherwell makes it simple to create, deploy, and automate more complex workflow processes or services in addition to those provided out-of-the-box. Whether completed in-house, with a Cherwell partner, or through Cherwell Professional Services, delivering additional IT and non-IT services on the common platform standardizes manual processes and provides a better user experience by consolidating where and how requests are handled.

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New Workflow Processes or Services
Atlantic Health Systems

"The implementation of Cherwell means we can build better, more cost-effective solutions which, in turn, allow everyone to invest in and focus on higher-value activities that result in higher quality care." - Dan Sisto, Information Service & Support Manager at Atlantic Health Systems