Benefits of Cherwell Information Security Management System


Minimize Impacts of Security Events and Incidents

Automated and proven lifecycle management for security events and incidents.


Streamline Regulatory Compliance

Easily map regulatory requirements to your security controls quickly identifying potential gaps.


Reduce Risk of Audit Violations

Out of the box risk assessment and reporting framework.


Improve Data Privacy and Protection for GDPR, HIPAA and More

Proven framework to ensure all citations from regulatory documents are met efficiently.

Streamline Security Compliance

Cherwell's ISMS solution enables you to manage security-related compliance policies and activities, so you pass your next audit with flying colors. Our solution allows you to easily import regulatory documents, highlight citations and map those to your set of security controls. You can also track and record corrective and preventative actions.

Information Security Management Solution: Streamline Security Compliance

Automate Risk Assessments

Effectively govern and manage risk of configuration items (Cls) and supporting services, so you can better anticipate and mitigate risk. You can calculate risks scores and potential business impact based on predefined security posture questions. Then you can assign security classifications to configuration items or supporting services. Historical assessments and scores allow you to gauge changes in effectiveness and maturity.

Information Security Management Solution: Automate Risk Assessments

Accelerate Security Event and Incident Handling

Manage and track security events and security incidents using a security-specific lifecycle process, expediting remediation and improving outcomes. Create security events from multiple sources including integrations with external security incident and event management (SIEM) solutions. You can also link security events to IT incident and change management processes and tasks to streamline action across functional teams when response time is critical. When event thresholds are reached for a breach or escalation, you can automatically create and manage security incidents.

Information Security Management Solution: Accelerate Security Event and Incident Handling

Efficient Management of GDPR, HIPAA and More

Data privacy and protection is critical to your organization and no regulation has farther reaching requirements globally than GDPR. The Cherwell ISMS provides a simple way to map GDPR Articles to your security controls. Furthermore, incident management will allow you to meet the 72-hour incident reporting deadline and contact data subjects as appropriate. Finally, you can extend our self-service portal to provide EU citizens a simple way to make and track requests concerning data access, rectification, erasure, and portability.

Information Security Management Solution: Efficient Management of GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and More

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