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Key IT Asset Management Capabilities


Comprehensive Computer (Hardware and Software) Inventory

Take the guesswork out of what's installed across your network with powerful IT asset discovery and inventory reporting. Cherwell® Asset Management automatically discovers all the hardware and software installed on your Windows, Unix, Linux, and MAC OS desktops, laptops, and servers, and reconciles discovered applications and devices with purchasing details—so you know what's installed, who's using it, and whether it's properly licensed. Learn more.


World-Class License Compliance Management

53% of organizations experienced a software audit within the last two years, with true-up costs and penalties averaging $525,000 among those found to be non-compliant. When it comes to license compliance, you can't afford to be caught asleep at the wheel. Cherwell Asset Management's world-class license management capabilities and compliance reporting enable you to monitor your license position in a proactive, automated fashion—so you can correct license deficits before you receive the software audit letter. An IT asset management system doesn't get any easier. Learn more.


Detailed Software Usage Analysis

If you suspect unused or underutilized software licenses are costing your organization big money, now you can prove it, with Cherwell Asset Management's powerful software usage analysis. On average, Cherwell's IT asset management customers reclaim 15-20% of their annual software budget through re-allocation of licenses, termination of maintenance fees and support costs, and renegotiation of software contracts. Learn more.


Powerful ITAM Purchasing System

Cherwell Asset Management software includes a comprehensive purchasing system that allows you to consolidate IT procurement and licensing information, and reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets—eliminating spreadsheets once and for all, and giving you that critical link between the physical and financial aspects of your IT investments. Learn more.


Microsoft SCCM Integration

If you're using Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager to manage your hardware and software assets, chances are you're struggling to get what you need out of its native ITAM reporting capabilities. Cherwell Asset Management enables you to leverage your existing SCCM implementation and transform its raw inventory data into reliable, license-centric reports−with no SQL expertise required. Learn more.


Flexible, Intuitive ITAM Reporting

Cherwell Asset Management software is widely acclaimed for its ability to answer critical questions that help you control costs and manage risk. With customizable dashboards, limitless drill-down capabilities, and an easy-to-use filtering model, you can get the asset management information you need—while meeting the needs of every audience including IT, finance, help desk, and executive stakeholders.


Accurate Software Recognition

When it comes to initiatives such as license compliance, "good enough" just doesn't cut it. Unlike other IT asset management products, Cherwell Asset Management uses a propriety software identification database to recognize the countless executables found on your network, and turns the raw data into complete and accurate reports you can rely on.


Unparalleled Ease of Deployment and Use

In contrast to other IT asset management solutions, Cherwell Asset Management offers a straightforward implementation that leverages your existing infrastructure and, on average, takes just hours—versus weeks or months—to deploy. You don't need to be a SQL expert to run the reports you need, or a financial professional to take advantage of its powerful purchasing functionality—nor do you need professional services to optimize your implementation.