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Cherwell Asset Management Software Metering Capabilities:


Identify Opportunities for Savings

With Cherwell Asset Management's software usage reports, you identify which applications are unused or underutilized across your organization. Save on license and maintenance costs, re-allocate software to other users, and reclaim spending that will, in almost every case, exceed the initial and ongoing costs of the investment.


Control Application Launches

Identify and prevent the launch of non-standard, unauthorized or “nuisance” applications. Configure rules that restrict individual users, groups, or your entire organization from launching specified programs.


Enforce Compliance for Concurrently Licensed Applications

Monitor peak usage and enforce compliance for concurrently licensed programs. Allocate licenses by individual machine or group, automatically terminate applications based on specified idle time, and notify wait-list members when licenses become available.


Track Software Usage in Citrix, Virtual, and WTS Environments

Collect software usage data and control application launches in Citrix, virtual, and Windows Terminal Server (WTS) environments. Track application usage back to specific users and end user devices (workstations or thin clients).