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Automate and Simplify ITIL® Change Management

IT changes are one of the main sources of service outages, but Change Management processes designed to mitigate them are often difficult to implement. Agile and DevOps add new challenges, as organizations rethink how to effectively deploy smaller, more automated changes.

Cherwell Change Management addresses these challenges and more, meeting 100 percent of the PinkVerify ITIL 2011 requirements. Comprehensive out-of-the-box support for ITIL best practices accelerates time-to-value and helps mature processes, while Cherwell’s ease of configuration and automation advances both the deployment of Change Management process and the execution of the changes.

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ITIL Change Management

Cherwell Change Management ensures that all changes made to the IT infrastructure are handled efficiently and effectively, while accounting for risk and reducing the impact of changes on business users. It enables you to improve availability and performance through service restoration and correcting source problems, while relying on accurate configuration information including dependency relationships. Cherwell’s robust support for ITIL Change Management is complemented by the ease of configuring and automating the process and supporting tasks, including approvals.

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Configuration Management

Understanding relationships and dependencies between configuration items (CIs) is essential for impact analysis and lowering the risk of potential change collisions. The Cherwell Configuration Management Database (CMDB) provides a CI repository including application dependency mapping. This information can be automatically populated via multiple inventory and discovery sources including Cherwell Asset Management. Cherwell further manages CIs across a lifecycle workflow and is certified by PinkVerify for ITIL Service Asset & Configuration Management (2011).

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Change Workflow Automation and Codeless Configuration

Cherwell One-Step™ automations can be quickly and easily created and configured—without any coding or scripting—in order to automate common tasks or more complex workflows. That means you'll provide faster and more efficient service delivery of both pre-approved ITIL standard changes, as well as normal and emergency changes that require approvals.

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Additional Change Management Features

ITIL Problem Management

Changes are commonly required to resolve problem root causes, and the Problem Management process is a frequent initiator of a request for change (RFC). Cherwell changes can be initiated with a single click from a problem record, and change records include related problems—and vice versa.

ITIL Release & Deployment Management

ITIL Release and Deployment Management plans, schedules, and controls the movement of releases from development to build, test, and live environments to deliver new functionality required by the business, while protecting the integrity of existing services.

Change Management Extensions & Integrations

Cherwell provides several downloadable integrations and extensions that complement Change Management, especially when provisioning infrastructure, virtual, or cloud-based resources from AWS, Azure, Cisco, or VMware. These pre-built capabilities can be downloaded from the Cherwell Marketplace.

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"Cherwell Service Management offers ease of use, configurability, flexibility, and scalability - and it's so intuitive. We cut over to Cherwell Service Management and in two weeks, we were creating new functionality. After the first 72 hours, people were asking, "Can I do this in Cherwell Service Management?"" - Rick Miller, Director of Information Systems at Parkview Health

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