ITIL Incident Management Software and Request Fulfillment

Incident and Request Handling Made Easy

Resolving incidents and handling requests efficiently is the foundation of a successful service desk–and a large aspect of user satisfaction. Whether issues are reported by end users via self-service portal, entered by technicians, or automatically created, Cherwell Incident Management and Request Fulfillment has got you covered.

Cherwell® Service Management natively meets 100 percent of the PinkVerify 2011 requirements, accelerating time-to-value and enabling process maturity. Cherwell’s ease of configuration and automation of tasks further streamlines incident resolution and request fulfillment.

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ITIL Incident Management

Cherwell’s approach to Incident Management enables IT teams to mature from reactive fire-fighting and simple trouble-ticketing to standardized processes based on industry best practices. With Cherwell, you’ll restore service operation as quickly as possible when an interruption has occurred, while minimizing the impact to the business or organization, ensuring the highest possible levels of IT service quality and availability are achieved.

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ITIL Request Fulfillment

Request fulfillment ranges from changing a password to responding to requests for information to installing a workstation for a new user. Cherwell presents the services IT provides to end users in a service catalog via a self-service portal. It also allows you to automate approvals and fulfillment tasks to handle requests more quickly and efficiently. Automating password resets alone can reduce a significant volume of tickets!

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ITIL Problem Management

Problem Management aims to improve the overall availability of services, curb the recurrence of incidents, and proactively prevent incidents from happening. Effective Problem Management reduces costs, boosts customer satisfaction, and helps IT teams focus on delivering business solutions instead of fighting fires.

Cherwell® Service Management meets 100% of the ITIL® PinkVerify 2011 requirements, aiding in process adherence with visual guides and automated workflows that support the key ITIL processes. Cherwell Problem Management is integrated with Incident Management and other supporting processes for seamless operations.

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Additional Features

IT Self-Service Portal

The Cherwell Service Management self-service portal empowers business users, while reducing the volume of tickets handled by the service desk. It delivers knowledge articles to end users, offers local language support, and is easily configured and tailored for different users or roles.

Dashboards & Reporting

Cherwell’s out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting provide visibility to IT staff and management, demonstrate value to stakeholders, and deliver insight to improve service. Easy to create and customize, reports include KPIs such as first contact resolution and handling times, including mean time to repair.

Codeless Configuration & Workflow Automation

Cherwell supports the automation of request fulfillment and incident handling tasks for faster and more efficient service delivery and support via our built in automation engine. Cherwell One-Step™ automations are easily and quickly created and configured—without any coding—for automation of common tasks or complex workflows.

Curtin University

"Cherwell Service Management has made my team's work easier, exactly what a good tool should do. We finally have a product that meets the needs of all of our organisation's service areas, with a balance between capability, configurability, and usability." - Steve Covi, IT Service Centre Manager at Curtin University

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