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Why Leverage Cherwell mApp Solutions?


Instantly Add New Capabilities

Whether you want to turbocharge your IT service management implementation, integrate with third-party products, or deliver services to other areas of the business, adding new capabilities to Cherwell is a snap. Our pre-built mApps can be installed in a matter of minutes, then customized to suit your needs using intuitive drag-and-drop wizards. No disruption to your production environment, and no need to involve skilled coding or development resources. Upgrades to the platform are frictionless, and your new capabilities, configurations, and customizations always remain intact.


Minimize Software Development Costs 

Drive down the cost of innovation by utilizing capabilities that have already been builteliminating the time and costs associated with traditional software development. You won't need expensive consultants or costly developers to implement new functionality, or customize it to suit your needs. And unlike other competitive alternatives, you won't pay additional Cherwell licensing costs to take advantage of new capabilities. 


Engage with a Vibrant Community

Harness the power of the crowd, and connect with a rapidly growing community of Cherwell designers and customers. Learn from others how to maximize your Cherwell investment, share ideas and best practices, and unleash the power of Cherwell mApps to accomplish extraordinary things.


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What Cherwell Customers are Saying about mApp Solutions

Rob Goguen

"mApp solutions allow us to perform rapid development using multiple resources while also enabling us to quickly respond to the ever changing landscape of our business needs."

Rob Goguen
Irving Oil

Western Union
B/E Aerospace – Cherwell Software Customer
Swatch Ltd.
Jason's Deli – Cherwell Software Customer