A New Integration Between Cherwell & Planview Helps CIOs Get a More Streamlined Approach to Drive Enterprise-Wide Strategies

Posted by on April 13, 2020

Cherwell and Planview Integration

For chief information officers (CIOs) and project management offices (PMOs), ensuring that the organization can deliver on strategic and operational objectives is a key priority. That’s where project and portfolio management (PPM) comes in. 

Now, thanks to a new integration between Cherwell and Planview, organizations can accelerate on-strategy delivery while balancing day-to-day realities. The Planview and Cherwell joint solution provides a real-time view into both future demand and in-flight work. Planview integrates with Cherwell through the PPM Pro software. Planview PPM Pro™ software provides the ability to collect, prioritize, and execute projects, enabling PMOs to focus resources on the work that delivers the most value.

With this joint solution, CIOs, PMOs, and IT leaders can ensure that the right resources are doing the right work at all times. Plus, business leaders can build scenarios that optimize funding and resource allocation across potential investments and initiatives and compare trade-offs to drive better decisions. Take advantage of this partnership to: 

  • Select the most high-value investments and initiatives 

  • Measure time and budget spent on strategic initiatives vs. maintenance activities 

  • Adjust dynamically to rapidly shifting priorities and market conditions

  • Balance teams, finances, and priorities across all operations

  • Accelerate on-strategy delivery

  • Provide outstanding service delivery and experiences to employees and customers—all in line with strategy

A joint customer of Cherwell and Planview is Parkview Health, a not-for-profit, community-based health system based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, with 13,000 employees. 

Michael Havison, director of Enterprise Project Portfolio Management stated that, “I am thrilled that two of our most strategic technology partners, Planview and Cherwell, have joined forces to deliver a solution that spans Enterprise Portfolio Management and IT Service Management. As we strive to deliver excellent health care to every person, every day, these two market-leading providers have been instrumental in providing us with the structure and visibility into the full spectrum of work intake through investment, strategy through service request, that has helped us drive efficiencies and align our resources to the goals and initiatives that matter most."

Through Cherwell’s partnership with Planview, you can take advantage of a powerhouse combination of Cherwell’s comprehensive ITSM solution with Planview’s advanced PPM solution. Cherwell and Planview solutions scale with customers as they look to bring  ITSM and PMO solutions to other parts of their organizations. Cherwell offers a concurrent licensing model and a no-code development, and Cherwell Service Management gives businesses the tools they need to address service management challenges throughout the organization.

Learn how Cherwell or Planview can bring your organization to the next level with both ITSM and PPM. For more integration on this integration, take a look at this press release

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