Cherwell Project Portfolio Management
Project & Portfolio Management

Project & Portfolio Management

Deliver strategic project outcomes on time and on budget

An effective Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution will give you visibility into which initiatives will generate the most revenue, deliver the biggest cost savings and best support your strategic objectives — before you start spending resources on them. Once underway, keep tabs on which projects are meeting those promised revenue streams, savings and objectives. With this powerful insight, you can continually drive results and react quickly to changing business needs.

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Get a comprehensive view of spend across the enterprise

Understand the full impact on your portfolio budgets before committing to new projects.

Make informed decisions from initiative to project conversion with features like resource, revenue, and budget plans.

  • See real-time spending for your live project budget
  • Drive more value with the ability to align projects and resources to your organization’s strategic objectives with a balanced scorecard
Comprehensive View

See where you’re investing your resources

Determine if you’ll have the right resources when you need them—before committing to a project.

Eliminate the guesswork.

  • Make data-driven decisions with a realistic scope of work, instead of trusting a “gut feeling”
  • Get a precise view of resources and team projects so you can effectively manage work com-mitments
Investing your resources

Centralize your planned and active projects

Get a holistic view of all your projects, from their status to any essential information.

You should be able to see everything in one place.

  • Maintain transparency with a single dashboard view of costs, revenues, time spent, issues and risks at the executive, portfolio, program, and project-levels
  • View your full demand pipeline and evaluation status. See how much time each resource has spent—and plans to spend—on all projects
Data-driven Decsions

Cherwell PPM Foundations

Cherwell PPM Foundations is one of two PPM solutions that Cherwell has to offer. With essential Demand, Project, Portfolio and Resource Management capabilities, Cherwell PPM can create a predictable project delivery machine that drives results for your organization.

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Cherwell PPM foundations

Planview PPM Pro

Cherwell has partnered with Planview to bring you even more project and portfolio management functionality. Planview PPM Pro allows you to manage the most complex project demands with ease and sophistication. Whether you're looking to manage your agile or hybrid-approach projects, PPM Pro offers seamless integration into Cherwell Service Management for cross-project visibility, resource management, and work allocation.

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