Demand Management

Rapidly and Accurately Prioritize Project Demand

Most organizations have significantly more project demand than they can handle. How do you determine which projects you should execute first? Cherwell PPM allows you to choose the right projects based on real data using a customizable balanced scorecard approach.

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Project & Portfolio Management

Gather Project Requests from Your Self-Service Portal

Gathering the data you need to accurately assess project ideas and requests shouldn't be hard. With our self-service portal, it is easy to add a project request form so it is easy for your users to make requests and you get the data you need to make informed decisions.

Project Requests Screen Shot

Make Better Decisions with a Project Scoring Matrix

Making sense of all the trade-offs between project requests can be hard, but with Cherwell PPM you can easily assess each request adding relevant cost, benefit, resource, and risk data. Then our customizable demand scoring matrix can allow you to easily compare and prioritize all project requests.

Project Scoring Matrix Screen Shot