Portfolio Management

Visualize Health and Status of the Portfolio

Understanding the status of a single project is hard enough, but how do you see the health of your whole portfolio of projects? Cherwell PPM allows you to instantly see the status of your portfolio, including budget, costs, revenue, effort and more. In addition, you can see a quick status of individual projects and even do what-if analysis on projects being considered.

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Project & Portfolio Management

Real-time Status Across Your Portfolio

Portfolio status should include a lot more than most project management tools provide. It needs to roll-up budgets, costs, revenues, resources and effort across all your projects and do it in real-time. Cherwell PPM provides a simple way for your organization to get better visibility driving better outcomes.

Real-time Status Screen Shot

Customizable Project Health Indicators

Project health is not easy to define. It is more than the status of your portfolio. Cherwell PPM allows your project managers to quickly assess the health of their projects using real-time status data across budget, schedule, and scope. These indicators roll up into the portfolio view giving executives an added layer of intelligence and confidence in your portfolio.

Customizable Project Health Indicators