B/E Aerospace

Quick Wins for IT

  • Implemented Cherwell Service Management in just 60 days
  • Nearly doubled first call resolution from 47% to 80% in 12 months
  • Drove global growth and implemented true follow-the-sun customer support
  • Achieved 84% customer satisfaction on first measure

The Business Challenge

B/E Aerospace is the worldwide leading manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products and the leading global distributor of aerospace fasteners for commercial, business jet, and military markets. The company has leading worldwide market shares in all major product lines and serves virtually all of the world’s airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and leasing companies through its direct global sales and customer support organizations. Headquartered in Wellington, Florida, B/E Aerospace has grown to nearly 12,000 employees and 220 sites around the world and a true follow-the-sun model for global customer support.

A few years ago, major business challenges at the company included management of double-digit organizational growth and a strategic global initiative for major expansion. The global support services team at B/E Aerospace quickly realized they would need to move information technology (IT) service and support to the next level—efficiently and on an aggressive implementation schedule. The previous outsourced ITSM solution delivered inadequate performance, was difficult to modify, and did not enable data sharing. The vendor resolved a mere 17 percent of the issues, referring a full 83 percent back to B/E Aerospace for resolution—with a backlog of 13,000 abandoned calls where service was never achieved. “We needed a complete ITSM offering with the ability to: start with SaaS and move easily to on-premise; begin with the U.S. but quickly add global regions; implement 24/7 service; and deliver ease of customization—so that we could maintain customer service quality and control our own destiny,” said David Reneer, director of global support services at B/E Aerospace.

The Solution

With the power of Cherwell® Service Management, the global support services team was able to accomplish all objectives, achieve their aggressive rollout schedule, maintain control of customer service quality—and much more. “Cherwell Service Management delivered an efficient, highly configurable framework of operation rather than inflexible, pre-scripted operations,” said Reneer. “Cherwell was a complete offering—comprehensive capabilities, good Incident Management, and solid Change Management. With high usability, easy-to-enter data, and Cherwell Service Management unique One-Step™ actions, we could get up and operational quickly."

B/E Aerospace went live in just 60 days, building every business process from scratch. Prior to the Cherwell implementation, only 40 percent of service incidents were reported to the service desk, so 60 percent were not even tracked. In this situation, the IT team’s primary objective was effective communication to customers, including communication training and user education—teaching customers to rely on IT.

“With Cherwell Service Management, we reinvented our service desk and drove tremendous global growth in two years. There’s not a chance that we could have gone global with our previous solution; Cherwell Service Management allowed us to move quickly around the world.”

David Reneer - Director of Global Support Services

The Results

“With Cherwell Service Management, we reinvented our service desk and drove tremendous global growth in three years. There’s not a chance that we could have gone global with our previous solution; Cherwell Service Management allowed us to move quickly around the world", said Reneer. B/E Aerospace improved first call resolution from 17% to 47% in 12 months, to 80 percent in 24 months, and achieved 84 percent customer satisfaction on their first measure, with goals for continuous improvement. In nine months, volume skyrocketed to 10,000 calls per month—as a result of IT’s improved communication and improved credibility, as well as the company’s growth and successful global expansion. The next phase was to have the service desk resolve the problems more effectively so that customers would rely on IT—a major change. At the end of 12 months, the service desk had taken 125,000 calls.

“The second year was all about broadening services offerings and improving customer outreach. We added Cherwell Self-Service Portal™ and Problem Management,” commented Reneer. “Communication is the number one thing we do for our customers. If you don’t communicate, they don’t know you did it. If they don’t know you did it, it doesn’t matter that you did it. We focus on service quality, service personalization, communication—including letting people know we care about their business problems.”

The Future

The global support services team plans to add Financial Management, Purchasing, and Asset Management modules to its Cherwell software suite this year, to effectively manage purchase orders, track software license management, and manage vendors—as well as add the  IT Project Tracking module to utilize company resources efficiently and automatically initiate changes. The team also plans to expand its strategic Configuration Management Database (CMDB) initiative.

“B/E Aerospace has grown 50 percent over the last two years, and we expect this growth to continue,” said Reneer. “To effectively support the organizational strategy, we’re planning to double our Cherwell Service Management footprint this year. We expect CMDB expansion to rollout first in early Q3, and IT Project Tracking, Purchasing, Asset Management and Financial Management to follow in late Q3."