Quick Wins for IT

  • Improved customer service by rolling out a self-service portal
  • Significantly increased productivity by integrating time reporting system
  • Automated business processes, project tracking, and time reporting
  • Enabled company to pursue strategic industry security authorization

The Challenge

DYONYX is an award-winning information technology cloud services provider dedicated to helping clients across the globe. Consulting services include regulatory compliance, security assessments, risk assessments, gap analysis, business process optimization, and high-level IT strategy. DYONYX aims to be the first FEDRAMP security-authorized private cloud service provider that hosts its physical equipment in a multi-tenant datacenter environment. DYONYX is planning to get authorization later this year.

On top of the business challenges of its major corporate initiative to achieve FEDRAMP security authorization, DYONYX was experiencing issues with its IT service management (ITSM) systems, which were costly, complex, and difficult to use. In addition, DYONYX’s ITSM system had an architecture that was never designed as a true service desk ticketing system.

“The capabilities of Cherwell Service Management were the best match for DYONYX. CSM met all our requirements, and we’ve been very pleased with its business benefits.”

Bill Douglas - VP of Operations

The Solution

After a request for proposal process, DYONYX identified Cherwell® Service Management as the closest match to their system requirements—including flexibility, affordability, and ease of use. The services provider was interested in CSM’s business process automation and workflow capabilities, including the visual workflow design engine.

DYONYX replaced multiple ITSM platforms and implemented Cherwell Service Management in a multi-tenant environment— deploying Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, dashboards and reporting, and the customer self-service portal for all end users. DYONYX currently has more than 40 self-service portal users and growing. Because the cloud services provider delivers worldwide customer support, DYONYX customers, like housing authorities headquartered in Washington D.C., use the Cherwell Service Management self-service portal for their own help desk and log tickets into Cherwell Service Mangement.

DYONYX has implemented two primary Cherwell Service Management applications: its own IT service desk and a dedicated customer service desk, where DYONYX acts as a cloud provider to a key utility to manage workflow and Change Management. “The capabilities of Cherwell Service Management were the best match for our business,” said Bill Douglas, Vice President of Operations. “Cherwell Service Management met all our requirements, and we’ve been very pleased with its business benefits.”

The Results

DYONYX experienced significant results with business process automation using Cherwell's workflow capabilities and effective project management that tracked project schedules against a detailed plan. The managed services provider was also able to implement different tiers of technical support, improving customer service and allowing more customer choice. DYONYX is effectively using Cherwell Service Management for technician time reporting and tracking, as well as working on an integration with SL Dynamics so that employees will only have to record time in one place.

The Future

DYONYX’s planned future improvements include implementing a change management database, a configuration management database (CMDB), integrating Cherwell Service Mangement with Solar Winds, rolling out a new service catalog, and integrating with the corporate financial system. All company-wide time reporting will be entered through Cherwell Service Mangement and imported into ERP, saving time and costly manual re-entering of various records into different systems. “We’re not using Cherwell Service Mangement to its fullest. We’re looking forward to even more opportunities, and we are still coming up with ideas on how to better utilize the capabilities of Cherwell Service Management,” said Douglas.

DYONYX’s core differentiator is that it provides high-value, consultative services wrapped around its cloud service offerings. In the future, the services provider will continue to build on its cloud services and expand the integration capabilities of Cherwell Service Management to enhance support desk efficiencies.