Ent Federal Credit Union

Quick Wins for IT

  • Reduced time to develop an average business specific application from 6 months to 2 weeks
  • Implemented Cherwell Service Management in only 8 weeks
  • Created collaborative development and support environment that exceeds business objectives
  • Moved IT from reactive to strategic business partner

The Challenge

Award-winning Ent Federal Credit Union, the largest credit union in Colorado, has built its business and its reputation on high member confidence and satisfaction. The not-for-profit, community-chartered credit union puts their focus squarely on their members, providing a full range of financial solutions for nearly 200,000 people. Ent delivers an infrastructure of people, processes, and technology specifically designed to improve quality of life by providing access to high-quality financial products and services consistent with standards of safety and soundness.

Growth and organizational maturity at Ent called for higher performance, more integration, and interdepartmental collaboration from service desk and IT functions. The IT management and staff faced inflexible legacy systems that were costly to modify; multiple disparate systems and data repositories; a shortage of time to focus on strategic projects; and difficulty enforcing newly defined, integrated ITIL® processes. “Our IT team supports all the software and hardware that run the business. Safety and soundness is of the utmost importance with financial assets. It is essential that our members have trust and confidence in us; that’s what is at stake here,” says industry veteran Jameel Qazi, IT business support manager at Ent Federal Credit Union.

“We found a sweet spot. Cherwell Service Management is a fully functional, configurable, and scalable ITSM solution that exceeds the capability of many more expensive solutions on the market today.”

Jameel Qazi - IT Business Support Manager

The Solution

Cherwell® Service Management software quickly proved to be both a world-class service desk solution and a true business process platform with a small footprint and maximum flexibility. Unique Cherwell Choice™ licensing gave Ent the flexibility to start with a few licenses, build core modules, and determine business value real-time. Once Ent defined their business processes, Cherwell Service Management was simple and quick to implement, and their world-class service desk and business process platform was up and running in eight weeks.

Using Cherwell Service Management out-of-the-box Service Request, Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management, Ent quickly built specific applications to fit its business. Now when a change is rolled into production, it follows precise Change Management workflows that ensure all approvals before the change goes live. This is similar for incidents and problems. The whole process is streamlined, consistent, and provides the evidence report necessary to comply with strict financial regulatory requirements. “Even ITIL can be implemented differently in every organization. We created an entire project management module using the Cherwell platform. To me, this illustrates ultimate flexibility and configurability,” says Qazi.

Cherwell Service Management naturally integrates IT service management (ITSM) system with a single repository, transforming interdepartmental coordination and communication. When a service request becomes more strategic, it is easily integrated with a project, prioritized, and resourced in the new project management system. With a custom test module, testers are involved more directly with releases, and test cases are linked with Change Management. Process enforcement protects investment in ITIL best practices.

Cherwell's easy, fast upgrades focus the IT team on serving the needs of the business rather than converting data. Cherwell delivers greater collaboration within IT and with customers, provides key business data to management, and adds significant value to decision-making.

The Results

In a short Cherwell Service Management pilot program, Ent saw rapid results. “We built a Cherwell Service Management application in two weeks that would have previously taken us six months,” says Qazi. With Cherwell, Ent created a collaborative development and support environment that exceeds the business objectives. Cherwell drove faster, more reliable IT response time, produced consistent, reliable results for the business—and ultimately, moved IT from reactive to trusted strategic business partner.

“What the organization sees is that we are better able to execute,” shares Qazi. “Cherwell Service Management is now our system of record and used by our entire IT organization.” Qazi has experienced many vendor relationships in his career, and says many companies talk about forming a partnership with their customers. “This often turns out to be just words. But with Cherwell, we have access to the core team and are encouraged to share our ideas. We have found that Cherwell Software not only listens, they act.”

The Future

“With Cherwell, we didn’t just buy a service desk solution—we bought a business automation platform that we can modify ourselves. Cherwell's natural scalability means we can quickly and easily add new modules without buying a new solution,” explains Qazi. “There are always ideas for ways to improve our business processes and improve customer service. I’m looking forward to finding more and more innovative ways to leverage the power of this process automation platform for really moving our business forward.”