Jason's Deli

Quick Wins for IT

  • Reducing average length of support call 78% (from 45 minutes to just 10)
  • Increasing overall customer satisfaction by a full 2% in only nine months
  • Dramatically improving visibility into key IT metrics
  • Streamlined business processes and improved communication

The Challenge

Recently awarded Best Sandwich Menu Variety from NRN’s Consumer Picks Survey, Jason’s Deli is known for providing healthy menu options and excellent customer service to millions of customers each year. Their goal is to delight customers and create a positive experience every time.

The Jason’s Deli IT department is no different. IT sets the same high standards for service delivery as Jason’s Deli does in their restaurants. IT partners with all areas of the business and wants to be “easy to do business with.” In the past, groups outside of IT complained about using “IT-centric tool” to do their jobs because it slowed them down and made their work more cumbersome. When corporate groups took longer to carry out tasks, it negatively impacted the restaurants. Jason’s Deli restaurant managers sometimes spent nearly 45 minutes with various corporate groups to resolve issues.

Sharing the goal of delighting IT customers, Stephanie Hunt, director of IT support, did not settle for “good enough” even when it took replacing their ITSM tool three times in nine years to find a perfect fit. In addition to finding a tool that made everyone’s jobs easier, she required actionable reporting and business intelligence to better assess trends and promote the value of her service desk’s performance. With their previous ITSM tool, IT was forced to be reactive in addressing business issues because real time information wasn’t available.

"I like that CSM is not a screen full of boxes; it’s workflow-based. Because it is so easy to configure, I’ve been able to make it do everything our business partners want. Everyone loves it."

Stephanie Hunt - Director of IT Support

The Solution

Offering customer choice just like their restaurants, Hunt and her IT team provided their business partners (H.R., warehouses, etc.) with “made to order” screens allowing quick entry of tickets and manage their work very easily. Using the configurability features within Cherwell Service Management® (CSM), IT was able to control and customize screens using prompts in business language—terms that made sense to each department. Jason’s Deli is using Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, CMDB, and Configuration Management.

“I like that CSM is not a screen full of boxes—it’s workflow-based,” Hunt said. “Because it is so easy to configure, I’ve been able to make it do everything our business partners want. They quickly get their tickets entered and manage their workflow more easily. Everyone loves it.” Working with each department, the IT department customized the screens in less than half the time it took a developer to accomplish it in previous tools. As a result of the CSM implementation, morale has risen in groups outside of IT, and IT is now perceived as a valued business partner.

IT has achieved their goal of actionable reports, and executive visibility across all departments has been increased. Consequently, executive engagement is up. Now that the business value of the information is evident, executives ask questions that they never thought to ask previously. For Jason’s Deli, the value of Cherwell Software doesn’t stop at Cherwell Service Management. According to Hunt, she was drawn to the company because of the people, their passion, and core values. Hunt believes that the Cherwell Software culture matches Jason’s Deli’s culture with a focus on quality, people, and customer satisfaction—creating partnership for success.

The Results

Jason’s Deli’s recent implementation of the Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) ITSM suite has yielded significant business benefits. The ability to access real-time information and provide executive-themed dashboards has improved customer service and response time. Additionally, IT has streamlined business processes, improved interdepartmental communication, and developed more long-term planning ability.

Measurable business benefits include reducing the average length of a restaurant support call by 78% (from 45 minutes to just 10); dramatically improving visibility into key IT metrics and reporting with user-configurable dashboards and reports; and increasing overall customer satisfaction by a full 2% in only nine months.

The Future

“We’re going to see just what CSM can do!” said Hunt. “We’re using it to support our corporate initiative of performance excellence including increased productivity and improved communication. Because everyone is using CSM, it is key to achieving our department and corporate goals; we’re even using it to add depth to out-of-the-box applications like the one we use for project management.” According to Hunt, Jason’s Deli has ambitious web-based plans for CSM to support business strategy and future company growth. The IT department plans to build an innovative customer self-service portal for access for 8000 users and 2 million restaurant customers across the U.S.