University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Quick Wins for IT

  • Reduced service requests by 65%
  • Built next-generation university course system in three weeks
  • Reduced global computer refresh cycle from three years to just seven months
  • Improved integration and configurability, providing higher customer service levels across campus
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

The Challenge

University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), recognized by US News & World Report as one of America’s Best Colleges, is one of the fastest-growing universities in the United States—enrolling more than 12,500 students and employing 1,600 university faculty and staff.

With record levels of enrollment and focus on high-technology majors such as engineering, Jerry Wilson, CIO at UCCS, faced the challenge of driving the UCCS help desk to the next level. The help desk received more than 2,000 password reset requests every month. Demand for support and new technology was growing too quickly for basic, informal processes.

It was clear that IT would need to move to the next level to meet future university objectives. Other university departments expressed key customer needs to IT. They required effective solutions to specific business problems, as well as business process automation and high technical integration to achieve university strategy. “Looking at campus-wide needs,” said Jerry Wilson, “it became clear that we could do a lot more with Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) and its integration toolkit.”

The Solution

Implemented in just three months, the powerful, highly configurable Cherwell Service Management® ITSM suite delivered a customer self-service portal, solved password reset issues, and allowed IT to quickly automate informal business processes. Once they experienced the success of the CSM implementation on their IT help desk, other university departments requested CSM to address specific business problems. IT quickly responded by creating a custom CRM system to efficiently manage all College of Education students and a next-generation course approval system for the Faculty Resource Center.

“CSM is not just a help desk package—it’s a powerful service management platform,” said Jerry Wilson, UCCS CIO. “CSM gives IT the ability to strategically partner with our customers and meet business needs—while leveraging configurability and improving technical integration between departments and across campus.”

“Upgrading was seamless. Our customizations followed us, so we were done in minutes not days.”

Jerry Wilson - CIO

The Results

UCCS implemented its first CSM project in only three months, driving a dramatic increase in overall IT help desk efficiency. Self-service portal password reset has driven a 65% increase in productivity. UCCS has significantly reduced its global computer refresh cycle from three years to just seven months with CSM. With configurability opportunities created by CSM, UCCS has launched a student technical training initiative for its IT help desk, contributing to university community training and job creation goals.

IT built the next-generation university course approval system for Faculty Resource Center in just three weeks, which allows UCCS to build their next-generation university program—central to the university’s strategy. The College of Education significantly improved its student communications efficiency and effectiveness with its custom CRM system and nurtured an effective new departmental community. “With more than 11,000 students and numerous staff relying on our service desk tool day and night, we needed a stable, reliable ITSM solution. Cherwell Service Management never lets us down.”

The Future

UCCS and its IT department are partnering with university customers to configure and implement systems that support high growth and aggressive technology goals. All university departments currently using CSM have plans to expand their system capabilities, and other departments have already requested systems that integrate with existing systems and solve departmental business problems. According to Jerry Wilson, “Our Faculty Resource Center found CSM so effective that they want to move their entire operation into CSM. There are no limits to what we can do with CSM.”