Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Simple, Unified Risk and Compliance Management

Most organizations in the mid-enterprise are using a mess of spreadsheets and stand-alone documents to define policy and controls, identify and mitigate risks, and manage compliance. This approach is highly inefficient and could leave your organization open to audit risks. Cherwell Information Security Management provides a simple way to unify your GRC management so all authority documents, citations, controls, and risks are tracked in a single system.

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Security Incident Response Management

Streamline Compliance with a Simple Framework

Most organizations must comply with many regulations and standards making compliance management difficult. Cherwell Information Security Management (ISM) eases this burden by allowing you to import any regulatory authority document into the system for easy mapping of citations to your security and compliance controls.

Streamline Compliance Screen Shot

Automated Risk Assessments

Performing risk assessments should be a regular activity for most organizations and yet, for most this is a manual and inconsistent effort leading to wasted time and errors. Cherwell ISM guides you through the risk assessment effort to ensure efficient and accurate results.

Risk Assessment Dashboard

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