Professional Services

Advanced ITSM and Beyond IT Solutions


The Cherwell platform provides a very extensible environment to create and integrate many solutions and systems. As such, the Cherwell Enterprise Service Management product team and Cherwell Professional Services builds and maintains services and solutions that are commonly requested by our customers, including:

Cherwell CSM HealthCheck
A standardized and fixed price offering. We review your system, processes, and administration/management against our best practices, and provide recommendations for improvement and guidance. We also address any key challenges that you might be having and perform correction (time allowing). Lastly, we provide suggestions to leverage your license entitlements.

Security-GRC and ISMS solution
The Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Incident Security Management Services (ISMS) solution is critical to maintaining security operations. Traditionally security organizations have relied on spreadsheets, email, and manual processes to manage incident requests and their audit processes. Cherwell Professional Services will help to configure the pre-built mApp to allow an organization to manage and automate their requests, incidents, audit requirements, planning, work assignment, and execution.

Orchestration for Microsoft Active Directory
Cherwell Professional Services can enable connectivity with Active Directory (AD) environments.  This will include Orchestration to support: Get Account Info, Reset Password, Disable Account, Enable Account, Unlock Account, Clear Account Expiration, Set Account Expiration, Delete Account, Add Account to Group, List Members of a Group, Get Computer Account Info, Disable Computer Account, Enable Computer Account, and Set Home Directory.

Orchestration for Microsoft Azure
Cherwell Professional Services can enable integration to Azure’s collection of integrated services that are accessible from the cloud. Allow technicians to easily fulfill requests for Azure virtual machines (VMs) using the Service Request Model. Customers can easily request a new Azure VM from the Service Catalog and then initiate second day actions for the VM (ex: Restart, power off, deallocate, etc.) directly from the Customer Portal. After the request is submitted, a technician can reference it using the Service Request record.

Orchestration for VMware vRealize Automation
Cherwell Professional Services can enable integration to VMWare’s vRealize® Automation™ cloud-based solution to accelerates the delivery of IT services. Enables technicians to fulfill requests for virtual machines (VMs) using the Service Request process. Customers can easily request a new VM from the Service Catalog and then initiate second-day actions for the VM directly from the Customer Portal. 

Custom Integrations and solutions
Cherwell Professional Services has helped many customers to integrate the Cherwell platform with many platforms from Jira, SAP, Oracle, Workday, Ultimate, CISCO, etc. If you have a need please reach out to your Account Executive, the Mapp Exchange, or email, we ‘d be glad to help.