Professional Services

Cherwell Design, Configuration & Implementation Methodology – (VRM) Value Realization Methodology™


Cherwell’s best practices approach ensures customers achieve success thru an end-to-end managed process

The Cherwell Service Management Platform is powerful and can be used to improve many operational processes. Cherwell’s best practices approach ensures customers achieve success thru an end-to-end managed process:

Prepare -  Our team first starts with internal meetings where our sales team and delivery teams meet to discuss the needs of the Customer’s specific situation and refine the approach and initial project plan based on our best practices. This also reduces the need to provide information that may have been discussed during the pre-sales process.  Our Project Management team and assigned Consultants meet to level set on the project details.  This phase includes introduction calls with you and your team.  This gives the project owner, an opportunity to meet and provide insights from their own perspective and provide any up-to-date information.  Lastly, there will be a formal Kickoff where both teams and stakeholders will be introduced, and initial project planning and coordination takes place.

Design -  This is the phase where your specific requirements and design are discussed and captured.  This is a highly interactive workshop-style activity that will review your details as aligned to Cherwell’s out-of-the-box (OOTB)capability and best practices and processes. This includes items from where your corporate logo will go on the screen, all the way through automated workflows, integrations, and training and implementation planning.  The output of this phase are the detailed requirements and design that will be input into the Configure phase.  Each requirement will be prioritized and estimated in duration and input into the Configuration Requirements module that will be used to track the completion of each requirement so that nothing is missed.  There will be a reconciliation against the Statement of Work (SOW) and any scope or effort adjustments will be made accordingly.

Configure -  this phase is where the actual configuration will take place.  Each requirement will be configured according to the design documented.  Unit testing will be conducted on each requirement by the consultant(s).

Validate – in the validate phase, end-users and stakeholders test the functionality they require and validate that it meets their needs (User Acceptance Testing).  This is typically an iterative process and functionality that does not meet the requirements/design (defects) identified will be run through the Configure activities again, until the requirement is satisfactorily met. As well, performance and end to end system testing will be performed by the customer at this stage.
Transition – Cherwell wants you to be self-sufficient and successful.  That’s what this phase is all about.  So, Cherwell will provide knowledge transfer to your CSM Administrator for what was configured so that they can sustain the system when the Cherwell Professional Services engagement has been completed.

Go-Live – we call this a transition phase because we want to make sure that the right steps are in place to ensure your success and ongoing adoption.  We work with you to create a communication and training plan that will make sure the users are effectively on-boarded, the appropriate level of end-user training that you require is conducted, the system has been promoted into production and is successfully being utilized across the user community, with any fine-tuning being performed.