Professional Services

End-to-End Customer Enablement


Cherwell's best practices approach ensures customers achieve success thru an end-to-end managed process

Cherwell projects are delivered using an incremental life cycle. The project will add customer specific functionality, identified in the Design Phase, to the solution through a series of Configure and Validate phases. This methodology is based on proven project management and delivery practices and industry standards.

End-to-End Customer Enablement

Phase Goals Activities
  • Prepare the foundation for a successful project.
  • Align expectations for both Cherwell's and the Customer's stakeholders based on the Statement of Work.
  • Transitioning knowledge about the Customer's requirements from our sales teams to our Professional Services project team.
  • Identifying the Professional Services and Customer resources needed to complete the project.
  • Preparing the project management tools used to manage, control and deliver the Customer's project.
  • Introductory calls with the Customer's project manager.
  • Planning and delivering the Project Kickoff meeting.
  • Reach agreement on the Solution Design to be configured as part of the delivery of the project.
  • Confirm the level of effort required for the designed solution.
  • Adjust the Statement of Work or the Solution Design as needed to reflect an accurate estimate of the level of effort.
  • One or more design workshop sessions to identify and document the customer requirements for the solution.
  • Creation, review and approval of the Solution Design Document.
Configure & Validate
  • A configured solution that meet the Customer's requirements documented in the Solution Design.
  • Objective test results that confirm the solution is functioning as designed.
  • CSM content configuration changes and other system modifications needed to meet the requirements for the designed solution.
  • Unit testing by Cherwell consultants to confirm that the modifications have been successfully configured.
  • User test by the Customer to validate that the solution is functioning as described in the Solution Design Document.
  • Prepare the Customer successfully assume responsibility for the administration of the solution.
  • Increase the self-sufficiency of the Customer administrators through the sharing of knowledge about the configured solution.
  • Ongoing "informal" knowledge transition as Cherwell's consultants work with the Customer's admins throughout the life of the project.
  • Formal knowledge transition and training sessions once the configuration of the solution is complete.
  • Complete preparations for the solution to be used by end users and customers.
  • Provide support to the Customer during and immediately following their production Go-Live start date.
  • Final configuration changes and system modifications to make the solution ready for production use.
  • Synchronize changes across production and test environments to prepare for ongoing administration work.
  • Discuss lessons learned and plan future steps in a project close-out session once Go-Live is successful.

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