Professional Services

Packaged Solutions: GO!


Cherwell Professional Services has developed the following packaged services to help you to get started quickly and effectively with the power of the Cherwell Software platform, leveraging a pre-built database with our Cherwell best-practices processes, workflow and automation:

Cherwell GO!
A short timeframe (3-4 weeks), fixed price offering designed to get you up and running, that leverages Cherwell's "out of the box" functionality, pre-built workflows and capability. GO! Includes the most common processes like Incident, Request, Problem, and a basic self-service portal.

Cherwell GO! Advanced
For the more mature ITSM customers that require a level of personalization beyond standard GO!. Advanced builds on Cherwell GO! by including commonly requested processes like Change Management and Knowledge Management. As well Advanced includes a personalization workshop and custom configuration time for the processes and your self-service portal.

Cherwell GO! CAM
A short, fixed price offering designed to get you up and running with Cherwell's CAM product in as short time as possible.

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