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Accelerating Your Implementation

The Accelerating Your Implementation course provides the information about Cherwell® Service Management (CSM) your implementation team needs to be full partners in your CSM implementation.

You will be introduced to CSM’s core components, prepare your service catalog, and compare CSM’s out-of-the-box workflows with your core ITSM process requirements. Knowing these topics will help avoid the roadblocks that most often stall or interrupt a smooth implementation. NOTE: This course will NOT provide the skills to self-implement.

This course can be taken in a self-paced online training. To attend the self-paced class, attendees only need a web browser and speakers or headphones.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the CSM Implementation Process
  • List the Components and Functionality of Cherwell Service Management
  • Define a 3-level Service Catalog for implementing in CSM
  • Evaluate each ITSM process you will implement against CSM’s default processes
  • Capture this information in a Pre-implementation Workbook
  • Reverse Engineer Business Objects

Intended Audience:

The Accelerating Your Implementation course is designed for those preparing for the design and implementation of their CSM system. This includes Service Owners, Process Owners, and other team members who have decision authority over how Cherwell Service Management will be used and configured to meet your organization’s goals.

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