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Cherwell Service Management Foundations - Public

Cherwell Service Management is a powerful, integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) software that enables IT service management professionals to configure applications to meet their business needs. This 4½-day course based on Cherwell Service Management content is intended to provide instructor-guided hands-on practice with the basic features and functions of Cherwell Service Management, along with the methodology for using it.
Learn from CSM expert instructors in our fully equipped training center, designed to deliver a hands-on learning experience. This course incorporates a series of lectures and labs that build on each other as you learn to use Cherwell Service Management (CSM) to design a business solution based on a real-world scenario.

  • Experience professional classroom training
  • Learn from expert Cherwell instructors
  • Work in a hands-on Lab Environment
  • Meet Cherwell staff and other IT professionals

Your class will be filled with professionals like you from other companies who are also implementing Cherwell software. You will have opportunities to network with Cherwell developers, support personnel, and senior implementation staff. Lunches and snacks are provided, allowing you to focus on learning.
This course is also available as a Virtual Instructor course, or a Self-Paced course.

Course Schedule: This course runs from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 AM - Noon on Friday. Times are Mountain Time for US courses or GMT for UK courses.

Price: $2,850 US | £2,100 GBP | €2,500 EUR per student

Select the link of the date for which you would like to register under Upcoming Classes. Contact us at for more information.

Course Objectives:

  • Apply Cherwell’s best practices for Service Catalogs
  • Evaluate the OOTB content for reuse
  • Apply basic modifications to the OOTB workflows, forms, and grids
  • Modify the OOTB self-service portal
  • Create simple dashboards, metrics, and reports
  • Import a Cherwell-developed mApp

Intended Audience:

The target audience for this course is a customer who has not yet implemented Cherwell Service Management® (Cherwell Service Management). Each lesson and activity focuses training the student on what is included in the out-of-the-box (OOTB), basic functionality of the software.

Course Agenda:

Day One:
  • -- Welcome and introductions
  • Lesson 1: Service Catalog
  • Lesson 2: Systems Overview
  • Lesson 3: User Interface
  • Lesson 4: Default Workflows
  • Lesson 4 (Continued): Incident, Change, Problem, Knowledge Articles, SIAM
  • Lesson 5: Business Objects
  • Lesson 6: Blueprints
  • Lesson 7: River T Corp case study
  • -- Begin building the solution for River T Corp; tables, field types, properties, and GUIDs
  • Lesson 8: Lookup Table

Day Two:
  • Lesson 8 (Continued): Lookup Table
  • Lesson 9: Expressions
  • Lesson 10: Form and Grid
  • Lesson 11: Relationships
  • Lesson 12 (Lab A):Specifics Forms
  • Lesson 12 (Lab B): Specifics Screens

Day Three:
  • Lesson 13: One-Steps
  • Lesson 14: Customizing the Service Catalog
  • Lesson 15: Default E-mail Account
  • Lesson 15 (Continued): Event Monitor
  • Lesson 16: mApps™ 
  • Lesson 17: Overview of the CSM Administrator

Day Four:
  • Lesson 18: Searches
  • Lesson 19: Dashboards
  • Lesson 20: Report Writer

Day Five:
  • Lesson 21: Browser Client
  • Lesson 22: Mobile Client
  • Lesson 23: Self-Service Portal

Upcoming Classes:

23 - April - 2018
Colorado Springs - US , TBD
23 - April - 2018
Swindon Wiltshire - UK , Graham Plumb
14 - May - 2018
Swindon Wiltshire - UK , Graham Plumb
21 - May - 2018
Colorado Springs - US , TBD
14 - May - 2018
Swindon Wiltshire - UK , Graham Plumb
18 - June - 2018
Colorado Springs - US , TBD
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