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Check out the Cherwell Community for peer tips and pro resources. Chances are, help is just a click away.

  • Connect with Cherwell customers, partners, and staff.
  • Join a beta program.
  • Download a mergeable app (mApp) to kickstart your next project.
  • Reach out to Cherwell customers for advice.
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Customer Advisory Board Program

Having a group of customers that gives strategic input is priceless. Cherwell's Customer Advisory Board (CAB) consists of 20 organizations that fundamentally “looks like” our customer base, as represented by industry, number of licenses, company size, and geography. Their ideas and feedback ensure Cherwell’s strategies align with customer needs.

Customer Advisory Board Community Group

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Cherwell User Groups

Connect with other Cherwell customers at regional user group events. Learn more about our groups and get connected to help you maximize the power of Cherwell Software’s unique low code platform.

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The Cherwell Reference Program offers you connections. If you’d like to engage with industry analysts, the media, customers, and potential customers about your Cherwell experience, the reference program can spotlight your successes. If you’re starting a project and would like to talk to a customer who has completed a similar initiative, we’ll connect you for tips and lessons learned. Give a little. Get a lot.

Connect with others in the Cherwell Community and beyond,  and build your network of resources.

  • Highlight your success story in a case study, video testimonial, or white paper.
  • Be the first to speak with industry analysts and publications.
  • Meet interesting people and find out what they’re doing with Cherwell.
  • Gain access to exclusive events specifically geared to recognize you for your time and efforts.


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