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We're stronger together. That's why we connect customers through two types of Cherwell Community Groups:

Cherwell Special Interest Groups and Cherwell User Groups


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Cherwell Special Interest Groups

Cherwell Special Interest Groups are virtual, subject-based or industry-based events. They are held virtually because participants attend from across the world. Each group meets three to four times a year, generally for 90 to 120 minutes. Agendas typically include a customer "show and share" demonstration, a Cherwell product or feature update, and roundtable Q&A discussions.



A forum for collaboration and discussion pertinent to organizations in the education industry



A forum for collaboration and discussion pertinent to organizations in the healthcare industry

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A group for exploring the Cherwell integration possibilities

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New Administrators

A collaboration space that builds upon the knowledge gained during the Cherwell Administration Foundations class

Cherwell User Groups

Customer Hosted
Customer Driven
Regional Meetings
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Cherwell User Groups

  • Collaborate with customers local to you.
  • Share your journey and ask for advice.
  • Learn how others are achieving their goals.
  • Build a network of business connections.

Unlike other vendors’ user group events you may have attended, the agendas for Cherwell User Group meetings are always decided by customers to ensure the content for each meeting is relevant.

Cherwell User Groups Benefits

"I really like Cherwell User Groups and it is a breath of fresh air that Cherwell invests in the user groups and values them so highly. It allows me to update my managers on Cherwell and keeps them interested in developing the product and looking at alternative uses." - Craig Smith, Scotland Cherwell User Group Member

Map of Current Cherwell User Groups

Cherwell User Groups Map

Sample Agenda

  • Welcome and Customer Introductions
  • Customer “Show and Share” Demonstrations: These have included self-service portals, One-Step actions, dashboards, reports, integrations, mApps customers have implemented, beyond IT processes, to name just a few.
  • Requested Cherwell Workshops, Presentations, or Solution Demos
  • Lunch and Informal Networking
  • Roundtable Discussions: This open forum enables customers to ask questions, discuss challenges, exchange ideas, and share solutions.
  • Requested Cherwell Product Update
  • Next Meeting Planning
  • Optional Social Networking

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