Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Service

Achieving Cloud Success with Cherwell & AWS

Enable Cloud Transformation and Adoption

More and more organizations are hoping to leverage the benefits of cloud computing – potential cost savings, elasticity around scaling compute & storage, security/compliance, etc. Migrating your key workloads into the cloud or managing a hybrid cloud environment can be a daunting task for IT teams. It doesn't have to be. Together, Cherwell and AWS can help:

  • Provision and orchestrate the use of the AWS Service Catalog through a seamless integration with Cherwell's ITSM Self-Service Portal
  • Transform your service desk and unleash the power of effective and affordable IT service management on AWS
  • Gain operational efficiencies with regards to time and cost savings around streamlined workflow automation and lower TCO

Today, Cherwell has three options with AWS:

  1. Cloud Management Services mApp: Access AWS Services Instantly from the Cherwell ITSM Self-Service Portal

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  2. BYOL on AWS Marketplace: If you're a current customer on CSM 9.06, leverage license portability and Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to take advantage of AWS benefits.

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  3. ITSM Software as a Service on AWS: Convenient and familiar procurement, managed hosting, and deployment to improve IT and enterprise workflows

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