Instantly Add IT & Security Automation Capabilities to Cherwell

Ayehu NG is an AI-powered automation & orchestration platform. A centralized hub for IT & security applications Ayehu easily handles the onslaught of alerts, incidents & requests, reducing MTTR by 90% & IT operations costs by 35%, improving SLA by 98%.

  • Reduce service desk costs by 35% with Ayehu NG: Ayehu NG is a force multiplier for IT & Security Operations, automating many labor-intensive manual tasks, & enabling an average of 40% FTE reduction.

  • Improve SLA metrics and increase user satisfaction: Ayehu NG automates many manual tasks, accelerating MTTR, and enabling greater compliance with stringent SLAs, thus improving CSAT scores.

Ayehu pulls in Cherwell records based on operator-defined criteria, then automates their resolution via rules & workflows. Conversely, Ayehu can also push records into Cherwell. The integration is bi-directional ensuring both are in sync, regardless of which system you view status snapshots from. Additional integration benefits include:

  • Out-of-the-Box, codeless integration

  • Automatically open, update, close tickets, and query tables in Cherwell

  • Leverage two-way SMS and email for event notifications and escalations

  • Accelerate the reporting, escalation, and resolution of incidents

  • Eliminate manual work and human errors

  • Ensure fully documented end-to-end processes

  • Reduce the amount of “noise” at the service desk